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Nothing builds cohesion like building a Habitat home together. Whether you are an existing group or starting a new one — our team has worked with corporations, service clubs, professional associations, churches, and many other kinds of groups.  

Just like our individual volunteers, our group volunteers do not need to have construction experience or skills, just a heart for service and the desire to learn! Every day on the job site is different than the one before so you never know the fun you'll get into until you arrive on site! 

We are excited to share that our two recent homeowners in North Mount Pleasant have moved into their homes! We are currently doing site prep for our next three homes in the center of McClellanville, SC. We anticipate welcoming individuals and groups to this build site by mid-August. Availability for group and individual volunteering will be added to our new volunteer calendar in the coming weeks. 

If you are interested in finding out more about group volunteering on our build sites, please visit our volunteer calendar.

If you are interested in group volunteering at the East Cooper Home Store, please contact Phyllis Gildea.


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